Michael Schumacher Salary and Net Worth

Michael Schumacher Salary – Net Worth of Michael Schumacher Formula 1 Driver

Michael Schumacher is famous Formula 1 driver from Germany. Michael Schumacher was one of the most extraordinary young drivers during his career. He became Seven-time Formula 1 world champion. Michael Schumacher, 44, hit his head after declining during a family skiing trip at the Meribel remedy on Sunday 29th Dec 2013 morning. He was speedily taken by helicopter to near hospital in Moutiers where doctors said he had undergone “a harsh head injury with coma on onset, which requisite neurosurgical intervention instantly.”

Now on 15th April, 2014, it was reported that his health showing all small signs of progress, but the doctors have made a blunder as treating him in local hospital rather than in  university hospital.

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Michael Schumacher Salary

Michael Schumacher Salary

Sportsman Name: Michael Schumacher
Nationality: German
World Championships: 7
Grand Prix Entries:      308
Grand Prix Wins:            91
Pole Positions:                 68
Wife: Corinna Betsch
Children: Gina-Maria Schumacher, Mick Schumacher
Siblings: Ralf Schumacher, Sebastian Stahl
Parents: Rolf Schumacher, Elisabeth Schumacher
Michael Schumacher Net Worth: $800 Million
Sport/Game: Formula 1
Annual Salary: € 56,000,000 (USD)
Monthly Wages: € 4,666,667 (USD)
Weekly Salary: € 1,076,923 (USD)

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Daily Income: € 153,425 (USD)
Hourly Income: € 6,393 (USD)
Per Minute Earning: € 106.54 (USD)
Per Second Income: € 1.776 (USD)
Current Team: Retired

All of us are very familiar with the fact that income increases with the passage of time, performance and driver ranking so there can be a little bit difference.

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Michael Schumacher Salary

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